Small Burns Kit

Small Burns Kit BUR01

The contents of this kit have been updated to produce a compact, modern comprehensive burns kit. Ideal for small offices, kitchens or other areas where burns present a hazard. Includes: 1x bandage (conforming 5cmx4m), 1x bandage (conforming 7.5cmx4m), 6x burn gel (3.5g sachets), 2x dressings (burn 10cmx10cm), 2x dressings (burn 2.5cmx5cm), 2x eye wash pods (20ml), 1x foil blanket (adult), 1x gloves (pair), 1x guidance leaflet, 3x plasters (burn large), 2x plasters (burn small), 1x shears, 1x tape (microporous).


N-BUR01-RD--- : £24.40